Oregon DEQ - Air Quality Monitoring Data


The Hawaii Department of Health's (DOH) Clean Air Branch (CAB) is responsible for air pollution control in the state of Hawaii. The primary services of the branch are provided by its three sections: Engineering, Monitoring, and Enforcement. These sections conduct engineering analysis and permitting, perform monitoring and investigations, and enforce the federal and state air pollution control laws and regulations.

The CAB plans, operates and maintains the statewide ambient air quality monitoring network. Monitoring data is used for a variety of reasons including determining compliance with National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS), timely reporting of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Air Quality Index (AQI), tracking and characterizing air quality trends, evaluating emission control strategies, and supporting health studies. The DOH manages all of the State and Local Air Monitoring Stations (SLAMS), Special Purpose Monitoring Stations (SPMS), and the National Core Multi-pollutant Monitoring Station (NCore).

Data Disclaimer: The data on these web pages are preliminary and unofficial. They await review and validation by qualified staff. The data may be revised or invalidated after review. The Department makes every effort to assert the validity and integrity of the data, but data can be affected by equipment malfunctions, technical difficulties, and other unforeseen circumstances.

If you have any questions, please contact the Clean Air Branch using the following:

State of Hawaii
Clean Air Branch
2827 Waimano Home Road #130
Pearl City, HI  96782
e-mail:  cab@doh.hawaii.gov
Phone:  (808) 586-4200
Fax:       (808) 586-4359